Make Your own Herb Planters at Home

Herbs are a great thing to grow inside and even outside of your home. They’re awesome for cooking and add a delicious taste to whatever you decide to use it for. The benefits of herb gardening at home are great, as you benefit from things like knowing what you’re eating, being able to grow the herbs you like best, being able to use them as fresh as they can get and saving a lot of money because you won’t have to buy your herbs at the store.

In order to grow herbs at home, you’ll need herb planters to do so. Although herb planters aren’t too expensive, it’s even less expensive to make them than it is to buy them. With that said, in order to make herb planters you’ve got to know how.

The Materials You’ll Need

The materials you can use to make herb planters vary, depending on how big you’d like the herb planters to be. If you’re looking to make smaller herb planters that will grow a small amount of herbs, you can actually just use small plant pots. You can also use small cardboard boxes with the bottom cut out and replaced with reinforced aluminum foil and then placed on top of a plate.

For bigger herb planters, you can use plywood. Simply take a big piece of plywood and cut down 5 separate parts that are all the same size. The size you cut should reflect the size you want your herb planter to be. Once all 5 pieces are cut out, simply place one piece on a work table or the ground and then glue the other 4 pieces as walls onto the outside edge of the piece lying down. You should have yourself a nice sized box to use as an herb planter, but remember to use a staple gun to reinforce the walls of the planter and to use a drill to cut a few wholes in the bottom of the box to allow extra water a way out.

Where to Find Your Materials

Home improvement stores like Ace Hardware and Home Depot are great places to get the materials needed for herb planters. However because the materials you need are pretty simple ones, you can probably find these things for free at junkyards or places like it. A little imagination can probably come up with a way to make an herb planter with materials you already have at home!

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May 29, 2010

Kaitrece :

Thanks for the encouragement. I plan to recycle the 1 gallon plastic juice containers. Just gathering info to make sure I have all the bases covered.

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